Abutilon x hybr.

Flowering Maple is a hybrid obtained by the crossing of several South American species, chiefly A. darwinii and A. pictum. It is a long-lived plant with lovely, lobed, maple-like leaves, that may be green or with yellow markings, depending on the cultivar. The flowers also vary in colour and may be yellow, orange or deep red.

The best growing medium is a mixture of heath mould, rotted turves and sand. In summer, the plant requires full sun, but even in winter needs adequate light. If grown in shade, the leaves drop in succession from the bottom up. In summer it may be transferred to a garden, balcony or patio. Water liberally during the growing period. The temperature in winter should be 10°C (50° F). Prune the plant before repotting in early spring. The branches soon make new growth and the shrub is then attractively bushy. The twig cuttings may be used to grow new plants.

Abutilon megapotamicum

This species ,-native to Brazil, has magnificent flowers that open in succession throughout the year. It is a densely-branched shrub, up to 1.5 m (59 in) high, with long, very slender, drooping branches. The leaves are long-stalked. The flowers grow singly from the axils of the leaves on long, thin, pendent stalks. The calyx is inflated and dark purple. The petals are yellow and purple at the base. The anthers are also purple; the filaments are joined to the base, separating only at the top.

A. megapotamicum is more tender than the preceding species. It needs a higher room temperature – up to 25° C (77° F) – but otherwise the requirements for growing it are the same.

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