Acaena: creeping plant

Low-growing, creeping plants, tolerably winter-hardy. The ornamental value is mainly provided by the prickly little nuts.

Situation Ideal ground-cover for sunny spots, where it can be combined with grasses, roses, etc.

Soil Requires well-drained, fairly sandy soil, containing a certain amount of lime. If the situation is too damp in winter the plant will soon perish.

Propagation Very easy, by division in spring. Can also be grown from seed.

Acaena microphylla

Acaena buchananii: 5-10 cm tall; small leaves, bluish green, somewhat silvery.

Acaena micropbylla: Olive-green leaves, a little larger than the above; numerous red fruits.

Acaena nova-zelandiae: 10-20 cm tall, vigorous grower; leaves dark green.

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