Accent On Line In Flower Arranging

Accent On Line In Flower Arranging

Modern arrangements depend a great deal on the beauty of line as opposed to mass; the line is often accentuated. Later we shall see that in fact the appreciation of the importance of line is not really a modern attitude.

Mass arrangements are often block shapes and although the components of the arrangements can be extremely varied, one from another, there tends to be a sameness about their general appearance. They can seem static, although this is not to say that they are stiff or lifeless. Line arrangements can more easily be made to be distinctive and are often original without being stunts. The pleasant thing is that often these qualities are more effectively achieved by using proportionately fewer flowers than by using many. This means that not only are line arrangements pleasing and interesting but are also extremely practical so far as their components are concerned.

Some years ago I first showed daffodils and other types of narcissi arranged in a crescent of colour rising up from a shallow dish. This was made simply by stepping the flower heads so that one stood a little higher than the one below. It seemed to be such a pleasant and logical way, as well as a new one, of displaying a bought bunch of uniform blooms so that each one could be seen and admired and yet fit into a special and distinctive decoration. It is a style easy to do and now quite popular.

The important thing is that it would not have been so easy to have evolved this type of arrangement without the aid of a heavy pin-holder. These are products of the east and are ancient, not modern and western as one might think. Their introduction has enabled us to use shallow containers, resulting in a tremendous change in styles of flower arrangement.

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