Achimenes Hot Water Plant; 13°C/55°F; Mexico

Mostly compact little plants that produce an endless succession of tubular or trumpet-shaped flowers in many colourful shades. At their best during the summer months when they should have a light airy window position, moist though not saturated peat-based mixture, and regular feeding. When flowering has finished in September, dry off the tubers and store in a frost-free place until starting new growth. New plants raised in a number of different ways: from seed sown early in the year, from cuttings a few cm in length as they become available, or by splitting up the scaly rhizomes from which growth develops. Immersing plant pot, in which the rhizome is contained, in hot water when starting dormant plant into growth in February will encourage plants to develop new growth more rapidly -hence the common name of Hot Water Plant.

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