Aconitum – Monkshood

Tall-growing perennials; flowers usually blue or violet coloured; foliage, roots and flowers are extremely poisonous. Leaves are deeply incised.


Excellent border plants for somewhat shady situations. Can also be used on the edge of woodland.


Well-fertilised garden soil, rich in humus.

Aconitum X arendsii

Aconitum X arendsii: 80-120 cm in height; blue flowers in early to mid autumn.

Aconitum X cammarum: Another cross-breed; flowers throughout summer. ‘Spark’ grows to 150 cm and has deep-blue flowers; variety bicolor to 90 cm, white and pale violet.

Aconitum carmichaelii: 50-100 cm; flowering season late summer and early autumn, with fine purple flowers. ‘Barker’ may grow to as much as 2 m and has amethyst- coloured flowers.

Aconitum fischeri: Height 50-60 cm; panicles of violet flowers in late summer and early autumn.

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