Adenium obesum

The illustrated species is native to South Africa, with a range extending to the southern part of the Arabian peninsula.

Because it flowered only rarely, this small shrub did not become a popular house plant until growers grafted it on to oleander stock and so obtained profusely flowering specimens. The stems are usually crooked and terminated by clusters of obovate leaves, 3-10 cm (1-4 in) long and 3 cm (1 inch) wide. The leaves are very glossy on the upper side and dull green beneath, faintly hairy at first, later glabrous. The flowers, arranged in umbels, are pink, with the petals edged a darker hue.

To encourage flowering, provide plenty of light throughout the year. The plant thrives at normal room temperature and can tolerate a lower temperature at night, so it can be moved outdoors to a sheltered spot in summer. Water liberally except in winter.

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