Aeschynanthus (syn. Trichosporum) 13°C/55°F, South East Asia

A trailing plant that is at its best when several have been planted and allowed to develop in a hanging basket, A. speciosus (T. speciosum) has untidy growth that may in time extend to some 60cm/ 2ft long branches. Leaves are pale to dark green in colour (often depending on available light) and lanceolate in shape. Big attraction is the cluster of tubular flowers which have flame-orange and yellow as the principal colours. Keep the peat-based mixture moist and general conditions warm and as humid as possible. New plants are raised from cuttings a few cm in length and inserted in peat in a warm propagator.

There are a few other aeschynanthus that are occasionally available and flower at different times of the year- all require similar conditions in which to grow.

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