Aethionema stonecress

Height: 15-30cm (6-12in)

Planting distance 38cm (15in)

Features: flowers spring to summer

Soil: ordinary, well-drained

Site: sun

Type: evergreen

The profuse rose-pink blooms of Aethionema granaiflora provide a mass of colour from lare spring to mid summer. Suitable for a rock garden, ir is a mound of grey-green leaves, 30cm (llin) high and 38cm (15in) wide, with a woody base. It is often regarded as a sub-shrub. A. pulchellum is 23cm (9in) tall with bright pink flowers. The hybrid ‘Warley Rose’ is only 15cm (6in) tall and 30cm (12in) wide with deep pink flowers; the similar ‘Warley Ruber’ has rose-red flowers.


Plant between early autumn and early spring in any well-drained garden soil. Remove the stems after the flowers have faded.

Propagation: Sow the seeds in a cold frame or greenhouse in early spring. Pot on in late spring and early summer, and plant out between mid autumn and early spring. For ‘Warley Rose’ insert 5cm (2in) soft cuttings of non-flowering shoots in a closed cold frame in early or mid summer. Grow on in individual pots and plant out in mid spring.

Pests and diseases: Stonecress is generally trouble free.

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