Ajuga – Bugle

An inconspicuous, creeping perennial, which in severe winters may be affected by frost. In dry soil it is also subject to greenfly.


Almost exclusively as ground cover, for which it is very suitable. Its fairly profuse flowering is a great advantage.


Undemanding as to soil; satisfied with a certain amount of humus and manure.


As it produces runners, the plant can be divided easily. This is preferably done in spring.

Ajuga reptans: Creeper, to 20 cm high; veined, oval green leaves; blue flowers. Well known garden varieties are ‘Rubra’, with dark-brown foliage; ‘Multicolor’ with yellow, rose-pink and brown blotched leaves; and ‘Variegata’ which has white-edged foliage.

Ajuga reptans

Ajuga reptans

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