Allamanda neriifolia 13°C/55°F; Tropical South America

This shrubby species requires a lot of space and much water and fertilizer. The mid-green lance-shaped leaves are set in whorls of three or four. The plants will in time attain a height of some 1.2m/4ft, by which time it will probably be in a container of 25cm/10in in diameter. Consequently, it is not the plant for the room that is limited in size. Small, rich yellow flowers are attractive, but not very spectacular considering the size of plant that is needed to bear them. A location offering light shade is best and a rich loam-based soil. Water freely in spring and summer, but keep on the dry side in winter. Propagate new plants from 8cm/ 3in long cuttings inserted in peat and sand in a warm propagating case. There is also A. cathar-tica that one may be tempted to purchase, but it really is best suited to the hot gr.eenhouse where the climbing growth can best be accommodated-flowers of this one are large, golden-yellow and most impressive.

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