P. This genus comprises about 500 species of bulbous plants, all with characteristic onion or garlic smell, varying in strength according to the species. The ordinary garden onion is discussed under ONION, . There are numerous onions with attractive flowers, varying in height from 3 in. to several feet. They prefer well-drained, light soil and a sunny position, although certain species including Allium moly tolerate some shade. Recommended kinds include: A. beesianum, bright blue, (18 in. —July); A. moly, yellow (12 in. — May); A. oreophilum ostrowskianum, dark red, (9 in. — May); A. flavum minor, yellow flowers in early summer, excellent for rock gardens; A. Rosenbachianum, rose-purple, (3 ft. —June). Alliums are propagated by division in early spring, most species increasing freely by offsets.

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