T. Deciduous trees with rough, black bark for planting in very wet and heavy soils. Alnus glutinosa, the common alder, grows to about 40 ft. with long, dull purple catkins in February and March. The leaves are glutinous when young, hence the specific name. In A. incarna, the grey alder, the reverse of the leaves is grey. It grows rather taller. Alders are increased by seed sown outdoors in March.

ALOE Half-hardy succulents with leaves usually arranged in rosettes, some with orange, yellow or red flowers on long stems. They make good house plants but will not stand temperatures below freezing point. Aloe variegata, the partridge-breasted aloe, with distinct green and white leaves growing to about 1 ft., is commonly cultivated in this country. Some species are employed as bedding-out plants in the South of France.

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