Alocasia lowii

This tropical plant grows in the forests of Borneo. It has very decorative, sagittate, leathery leaves. They are coloured olive-green with prominent white stripes along the veins and a light band edging the margin; the underside is purplish-red.

It stands up well to partial shade and even tolerates full shade. However, it is demanding in terms of heat; it requires a summer temperature of up to 25°C (77°F). In winter, the tern Alocasia metallica (syn..cuprea) perature should not fall below 18°C (64° F). Propagate by dividing the rhizomes.

There are about 70 species of Alocasia distributed in Asia, Malaysia and New Guinea. They have been an ornamental feature of heated greenhouses for decades. They can be grown indoors in a plant-case or terrarium where they are provided with a more humid atmosphere and higher temperature. A. metallica has a tuberous underground rhizome from which grows a short stem bearing large sagittate leaves. The leaf stalks and the leaf blades measure up to 30 cm (12 inch). They are a coppery-green above and violet on the underside. The requirements for growing A. metallica are the same as for A. lowii .

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