Aloe variegata

Many species of Aloe are popular house plants and said to have been cultivated since 1700. Patridge Breast is native to South Africa. The fleshy leaves, crowded in overlapping fashion on a very short stem and usually arranged in three rows, are striking. The white patches on the leaves form irregular horizontal bands. The inflorescence may reach a height of 30 cm (12 inch) and is composed of pendent, vermilion flowers with green veins.

It does well in a light and warm, but well-ventilated place. It is more suitable as an indoor, rather than a greenhouse, plant. Take care when watering to avoid getting water between the leaves, as they may then rot. It makes a great many offsets so that it multiplies at a rapid rate. Even though it often flowers, it rarely produces seeds. The quickest method of propagation is by detaching new plants from the old clump.

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