Half-hardy annuals or perennials, preferring light, rich soil and a sunny position. Alonsoa Warscewiczii has brown, semi-woody stems and scarlet flowers, growing to about 18 in. It is perennial under glass. A, W. compacta grows to 1 ft., making an ideal pot plant. A. Fairy Pink is another compact grower with soft creamy-pink flowers.

ALOYSIA TRIPHYLLA or LEMON-SCENTED VERBENA Formerly known as Lippia citriodora, this deciduous shrub grows to about 15 ft. under a warm south wall. It is not reliably hardy except possibly in the southwest and must be protected in severe weather by canvas or sacking. The small lilac flowers produced in August are undistinguished but the leaves have a strong lemon fragrance. Easily increased by cuttings of the young shoots taken in July and rooted in a propagating frame.

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