P. Hardy and half-hardy tuberous-rooted plants with lilylike flowers in summer, growing to about 3 ft. They are excellent for cutting. Alstroemerias must be planted 6 in. deep. They prefer light, rich, well-drained soil, a sunny position and plenty of moisture during hot weather. The various forms of A. aurantiaca, e.g. Dover Orange, Moerheim Orange, Orange King, are very attractive. A. haemantha is blood-red with an orange throat. The Ligtu hybrids comprise various shades of pink, flame and apricot, the flowers being borne on firm stems. A. pelegrina is lilac with rose-pink flushes, growing to about 20 in. It is somewhat tender and is best grown in a frost-proof greenhouse. All alstroemerias resent disturbance and may take two or three years to settle down. Avoid forking or digging between the plants. Increase by root division in March or September.

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