These are among the most beautiful of all rock plants, some being relatively easy, others decidedly tricky. Those described are all perennial.

Androsaces require a sunny position and sharply drained, gritty soil, which should not be allowed to dry out during the flowering period (planting among stones is an aid to drainage). They flower in spring, some species producing a second crop in late summer. The flowers are mostly pink or white and have been aptly compared to pieces of confetti. Androsace sarmentosa is an easy species of creeping habit, increasing freely by runners. It bears clear pink flowers in clusters on 4 in. stems. There are several colour forms of this species. A. languinosa Leichtliiiii has attractive silvery foliage and white, crimson-eyed flowers. It is an excellent plant for a dry wall.

Catalogues of alpine and rock garden specialists list various other desirable species.

Most species can be increased by division after flowering, or by runners where these are produced.

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