These are attractive plants for the herbaceous border or rockery, with aromatic foliage and daisy-like flowers. Among the border kinds which flower from June to September range between 2 and 3 ft. according to variety are Beauty of Grallagh (deep yellow), Loddon (rich orange-yellow) and Wargrave Variety (creamy-yellow). The rock garden species include Anthemis cupaniana (white), about 9 in. tall with a spreading, somewhat invasive habit of growth, and A. Biebersteinii which grows to about 18 in. with yellow flowers. Anthemis require sunny positions and dislike cold, wet soils. They are best moved in March and are easily increased at this time by division. The plants are inclined to straggle and should be supported by short stakes or pea-sticks. They are usually not very long-lived, especially on heavy ground, and it is always worth while taking cuttings of firm, young shoots in spring.

Anthemis nobilis is sometimes used for making a lawn as it is markedly drought-resistant. See LAWN MAKING.

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