Anthericum liliago

Height: 45-60cm (1.5-2ft)

Planting: distance: 30cm (1ft)

Features: flowers spring to summer

Soil: humus-rich: moist, well-drained

Site: sun or partial shade

Type: fleshy root

The starry, white flowers of Anthericum liliago, one of two hardy species in this family, appear during late spring and early summer. With its grass-like leaves and delicate flowers, A. liliago is best grown in groups of five or more plants.


Choose a sunny or lightly shaded spot with humus-rich soil that is well drained but un-likely to dry out in summer.

Plant the fleshy roots 10cm (4in) deep in autumn. In early spring, mulch with garden compost or well-rotted manure. Cut the stems back to ground level after flowering.

Propagation: Divide overcrowded plants between mid autumn and early spring.

Pests and diseases: Mostly trouble free.

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