Anthurium scherzerianum Flamingo Flower; 13°C/55°F, Tropical South America

Although this plant may be had in flower at almost any time of the year, it is at its best during the spring months. In common with all aroids it will do that much better if the general conditions are moist and humid with reasonable warmth. Conditions that are very hot with little moisture are almost as bad as conditions that are cold and unfeeling. The growing medium should contain a high proportion of peat, and the plant pot should be plunged in a larger container that is filled with peat or moss and kept moist. Large lanceolate leaves are dark green in colour and not unattractive, but the principal feature of this plant is the brilliant scarlet flower with curled spadix. Although smaller flowers on short stalks will be adequately supported, larger flowers need some form of support – a cane that is tied in position just under the flower will be ideal. Older plants may be split up to produce new plants, but as this is not easy to do, raise new plants from seed sown in peat in warm conditions as soon as the seed becomes available. If practical, use rainwater with the chill off when watering, moderately in winter, and freely during the growing season.

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