In some gardens these pests can be a real menace, especially on light, sandy soils. They frequently dislodge plants by nesting underneath and they are sometimes a problem on seed beds in dry weather; they also collect seed sown in garden frames and the greenhouse. Ants transfer aphids (greenfly) from one plant to another, swarming over roses etc. infested with aphids to secure the sticky honeydew excreted by the insects. Ripe fruits and flower buds (especially paeonies) may also be infested.

Various insecticides, e.g. aldrin, dieldrin, BHC and Pyrethrin, will kill ants but repeated applications may be needed to deal with fresh arrivals. The powder or liquid should be directed on to the ants or applied in places they are known to frequent. Where possible nests, which are often found under large rockery stones and paving slabs, should be treated.

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