Aquilegia Columbine

These are most attractive perennials, which are native to the northern hemisphere.


Aquilegia makes a fine specimen plant among lower-growing plants, but can also be used in the border. It requires some shade.


Nutritious, humus-rich soil, which must be well-drained.


Varieties are increased by division; the pure species are grown from seed.

Aquilegia caerulea: Height 40-80 cm, blue flowers in late spring and early summer. There are garden varieties with white and partially violet or yellow flowers. Aquilegia hybrids: Height 60-100 cm; long-spurred flowers in shades of red, blue and violet in late spring and early summer.

Aquilegia vulgaris: Height 40-80 cm; flowers in late spring and early summer. In cultivation largely replaced by hy­brids with white, blue or purple flowers.

Aquilegia Columbine

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