Very graceful plants for the herbaceous border which are not usually very long lived, though easy to raise from seed. They tolerate sun or part shade, flowering in spring and early summer on plants 2—3 ft. tall. The longissima hybrids embody various shades of yellow, the flowers having extra long spurs (a spur in this sense is a tube-like extension to the flower producing nectar to attract insects). Crimson Star is blood-crimson and white. Mrs Scott Elliott’s strain and the McKane Giant Hybrids embody a wide colour range including blue, pink, purple, maroon, red, yellow and white, also many bicolours.

Among the dwarf species suitable for rock gardens, Aquilegia caerulea is blue and white, about 1 ft. tall. A. viridiflora is about the same height with chocolate and green flowers. Fragrant. Aquilegias can be divided in spring or seed may be sown outdoors in May.

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