Spring-flowering rock plants which prefer a sunny position and some lime. Heavy, poorly drained soils are unsuitable, as the plants may die off in winter. Arabis albida coccinea is rose-red, growing to about 5 in. and A. a. flore pleno double white. A. blepharophylla is rich red, about the same height. Arabis are best cut back fairly hard after flowering to prevent the plants becoming straggly. They are easily divided in September.

ARALIA, DEVIL’S WALKING STICK or HERCULES’ CLUB Deciduous small shrubs or trees with small white flowers in huge panicles, appearing in late summer, followed by small, black fruits. The stout shoots are very prickly, the leaves about 3 ft. long and 2 ½ &• wide. Aralia spinosa is the best known species, growing to about 30 ft. Increase by suckers (which are freely produced) in March.

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