Aralia – Hercules’ Club

This irregularly shaped small tree with its decorative spines, has in recent years become a most popular orna­mental tree for small gardens.


Most beautiful if grown singly, will thrive in any situation, tolerates a certain amount of shade. Some­times the oldest branches suddenly die, but new shoots continually appear at the base; sometimes too many in fact. Only two or three should be left.


Will thrive in any reasonable, fairly damp garden soil.


The suckers, which usually appear in great profusion, may be detached in the autumn, to be grown separately.

Aralia elata: Height to 5 m; shrub or small tree with thickly spined twigs and composite leaves to 80 cm long. In summer racemes of small white flowers appear at the top. In ‘Variegata’ the leaves have a white margin.

Aralia - Hercules' Club

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