ARAUCARIA HETEROPHYLLA (syn. A. cxcelsa) (Norfolk Island pine)

5 deg C/41 deg F

When young, this is a popular plant. but be warned that it can eventually reach about 2.1m (7ft) in height. It has a very easily recognized pine-tree appearance. and large specimens can be placed outdoors for the summer if the space indoors is required for other plants. Because it docs not demand much winter warmth, it is useful for cool rooms, and in particular hallways or porches, especially in the case of larger plants which can look impressive.

Young plants can be potted in 15cm (6in) pots initially, but will need moving to at least 25cm (10in) pots if they are to be kept when large plants. Growth is quite slow, and potting-on will not need to be clone frequently. It is best to retain the pots as long as possible, top-dressing or giving liquid feeds rather than disturbing the roots unnecessarily.

Slight shade or good light, but not direct sunlight behind glass, is tolerated. When standing plants outdoors during summer, choose a slightly shaded spot. protected from wind. The most common trouble is needles falling. This is usually due to the air being too dry. and most often occurs in centrally-heated homes and where arrangements for adequate humidity are unsatisfactory.

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