An arch breaks the long line of a path, and can carry a rambler or climbing rose, clematis, honeysuckle, etc., to artistic effect. Metal arches are easy to erect, though standardised in size and less graceful than a rustic arch. A home-made one is easily constructed to the exact size required. Fix the posts and transverse top first; then interlace curved branches, tying or wiring where required rather than nailing. A length of old covered insulating wire is ideal for the purpose. To construct a pergola extend the length to that needed, using interlacing branches at, say, every 8 ft. For wooden arches, oak is the most long-lasting wood. Larch, hornbeam, chestnut, etc., tend to decay at or just below soil level after a few years and should be treated with tar or a wood preservative to 6 in. above ground. Creosote should not be used as it is harmful to plant life.

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