The genus consists of mimicry forms. In their natural environment the plants can scarcely be distinguished among the broken stones and gravel in which they are found. They are of a whitish, grey-green colour, with no markings. They are natives of the Karroo and other parts of Africa. The growing period is in summer and they require a light position in the greenhouse or on the window-sill. Water should be given freely in summer, but they should be kept dry in winter. They are easily raised from seed.

Argyroderma octophyllum. A pretty plant with a smooth surface of a bluish-green colour and without markings. Flowers yellow, about f inch in diameter. The plant is found in cultivation under the name of A. testiculare.

Argyroderma Schlechteri. The growths are usually solitary, consisting of one pair of leaves. The fissure is not wide open. The leaves are a white bluish-green with a smooth surface. Flowers, rosy red.

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