Aristolochia – Birthwort

A fine, well-behaved climbing shrub, which should be grown mainly for its decorative foliage, for the flowers are usually hidden under the leaves.


Against walls (it must be tied) or fences, over arbours or free-standing against a special climbing frame.


Any standard garden soil is suitable. It will grow fairly slowly in the first few years.


From seed or by layering.

Aristolochia macrophylla syn Aristolochia durior, A. sipho, Dutchman’s pipe: Height to 10 m, with greenish-yellow, pipe-shaped flowers on long stems in late spring and early summer. They are very inconspicuous. The soft green heart-shaped leaves may grow to enormous size. Unfortu¬≠nately they drop in winter, leaving the branches bare.

Aristolochia - Birthwort

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