The common thrift is Armeria maritima and it has produced some variations and hybrids of real garden value. Vindictive is one that can be used as an effective edging for it will make a continuous evergreen row 1 ft. wide within a year or two. The closely mounded deep green foliage is like sheep-grazed grass, and in May and June it is ablaze with 8-in. Drumstick heads of bright carmine pink.

The best clones of A. m. alba serve a similar purpose, both for edging and grouping. The tallest, largest flowered and brightest is Bees Ruby though the colour is in fact a deep carmine of lustred texture. Plants are mounded, much broader in the leaf than others, and the central root stem just below ground is so bare that division is seldom possible. Cuttings are not easy to strike, but some success comes from basal cuttings taken in early autumn or spring and inserted in a cold frame. Armerias need full sun and a very well-drained soil.

Armeria maritima

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