Armeria – Thrift


Hardy perennials with profuse and prolonged flowering; the flowers being usually rose pink in colour.


Thrift must be grown in the sun. At one time it was used as an edging plant, but it is now also used in front of the border. If the plants become frozen in winter, they should be pressed into the soil to prevent drying out.


Any standard garden soil is satisfactory.


The clumps are easily divided in spring.

Armeria maritima, sea pink: Height to 15 cm, flowering season late spring to early summer. The flowers are usually lilac pink, but some garden varieties are red or even white. After flowering all dead parts should be removed. The green foliage is grasslike.

Armeria pseudoarmeria: Height to 60 cm; rose-pink flow¬≠ers in summer months, the flower heads being up to 7 cm across. The foliage is blue green, 2-4 cm across. ‘Bees’ Ruby’ is a well known variety.

Armeria - Thrift

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