The flower guild would not normally arrange special flowers for a christening service, but the incumbent it usually very happy for parents to provide flowers if they so wish. Some incumbents allow a garland to be placed on the ledge surrounding the font provided that a sufficiently wide area is left free to reach the water and christen the baby. The garland will take the form of a horseshoe. If Blue Tak is placed at intervals along the ledge and the underside of the garland is pressed down hard onto it, the garland should be safely anchored for the brief time that it has to be there. Blue Tak does not mark stone: this is important. For a garland made for this occasion, small, pale pretty flowers are recommended, such as grape hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses with leaves for the spring; lilies of the valley, small roses, pinks and any other small garden flowers for the summer; while leaves, berries and little dahlias are light and pretty in the autumn.

When the garland is finished and placed on the ledge, light trails of ivy or alchemilla or cow parsley depending on the season can be pushed into it so as to trail over the side. If there are steps leading up to the font this form of decoration can be emphasized by making another garland to encircle the base of the font, resting on the steps. There is often a window conveniently near to the font and, provided that there is not too much coloured glass, a vase of flowers on the cill carrying out the colours of the garland makes an attractive addition to the decorations. Alternatively, a large pedestal arrangement near the font provides a good background.

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