Artemisia – Tarragon, Southernwood

Hardy perennials and small shrubs with fine grey foliage and sometimes yellow, purple or white flowers. Situation

Because of their colouring especially in borders, but also as a herb.


Small shrubs in standard garden soil; hardy perenĀ­nials require more sandy soil. In too damp a situation the foliage will not achieve its fine grey colouring.


Perennials by division, shrubs from cuttings.

Artemisia lactiflora: Height to 150 cm, milky-white flowers in early to mid autumn. Must be kept fairly moist.

Hardy perennial.

Artemisia ludoviciana: A spreading plant, 30-100 cm in height, with felty-green foliage. Hardy perennial.

Artemisia ‘Silver Queen’: Height 70-90 cm; a beautiful grey-leaved border plant, which can also be dried. Hardy perennial.

Artemisia stellenana: Height 30-60 cm; creeping habit, with grey stems which must be shortened frequently. A small shrub.

Artemisia ludoviciana

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