Aruncus – Goat’s Beard

Strong hardy perennials with large white plumes which take several years to develop properly.


Excellent border plant which, because of its height, will usually be relegated to a rear position. Some shade is well tolerated; it must in fact be kept out of full sun.


The soil must definitely not be too dry. Make sure that it contains sufficient humus and manure.


From seed, but more easily by division in autumn and in spring. Plants obtained from the nursery are usually so small that they need two years to grow to reasonable size.

Aruncus dioicus syn Aruncus syhestris: Height to 200 cm, with clear white flowers in composite plumes in early and mid summer. In gardens the variety ‘Kneiffii’ is parti­cularly popular; it Vias narrower, more sharply pointed leaves.

Aruncus dioicus syn Aruncus syhestris

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