Asperula woodruff

Height: 5-7.5cm (2-3in)

Planting distance: 10-15cm (4-6in)

Features: flowers summer

Soil: gritty, well-drained

Site: sun

Type: rock plant

Woodruff is a pretty plant for rock gardens. In early to mid summer it lookslike a green carpet covered with masses of tiny, tubular, pink flowers. (For sweet woodruff, see Galium odoratum). It is easy to care for, but must have gritty soil, and reaches a maximum height of 7.5cm (3in), with a spread of 15cm (6in).

Asperula odorata

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Popular species

Asperula lilaciflora subsp. Lilaciflora forms a bright green, compact carpet up to 15cm (6in) across. The flowers are pink and appear in clusters in early to mid summer. Asperula suberosa forms a compact tuft of downy, grey leaves, covered with clusters of shell-pink flowers in early to mid summer. The plant grows up to 7.5cm (3in) high and 15cm (6in) across.


Plant from mid autumn to early spring in a sunny position in any well-drained, gritty soil.

Protect the leaves of A. suberosa from winter wet with a raised pane of glass.

Propagation: In mid to late spring, take soft cuttings of non-flowering basal shoots, 2.5-4cm (1-1 1/2in) long, and root in a cold frame. Grow on in an outdoor plunge bed and plant out in early to mid spring the following year.

Pests and diseases: Woodruff is generally trouble free.

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