Height: 90-120cm (3-4ft)

Planting distance: 30cm (1ft)

Features: flowers spring

Soil: deep,sandy

Site: sun

Type: herbaceous

Asphodeline lutea – still sold by some nurseries under its old name, Asphodelus luteus – is a stately border plant with a pleasant fragrance. In late spring, clusters of bright yellow, starry blooms with red stamens appear on stiff, unbranched, leafy stems up to 1.2m (4ft) tall. The flowers, which last for several weeks, are later replaced by seedheads.

Each flower spike rises from a dense rosette of furrowed, grass-like, grcvish-green leaves, about 30cm (1 ft) long.


Plant from mid autumn to early spring in deep, sandy soil in a sunny position. Take care not to damage the fleshy roots.

Propagation: Divide the roots in spring or early autumn and replant immediately. Alternatively, sow seeds in a cold frame in spring. Pot on and plant out in permanent positions in early to mid spring.

Pests and diseases: Mostly trouble free.

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