Asphodeline lutea, also known as king’s spear or Jacob’s rod, is a useful border plant with bright yellow, fragrant flowers borne on stiff spikes in early summer. The furrowed leaves are dark green.

ASPIDISTRA, PARLOUR PALM or CAST IRON PLANT Aspidistra lurida is the well-known house plant which survives central heating, gas fumes, electric fires, draughts, dust, cold and excessive dryness! For best results, however, it should be kept away from strong sunlight, watered as necessary in summer, but only moderately in winter and the foliage sponged when dusty.

The rather uninteresting flowers are brownish-purple and occasionally appear towards the base of the plant. Increase by division in April. A. variegata has striped green and white foliage. It stands more sun than the type plant but the variegations may disappear if the soil in the pot is too rich.

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