Aspidistra elatior Cast Iron Plant; 7 C/45F; China

The great favourite of the Victorian era, the aspidistra still has much to commend it and is most effective when seen in its traditional setting – that is atop its Victorian plant pedestal and growing in its rather grand and flowery Victorian plant pot. The oblong-lanceolate leaves, up to 50cm/ 20in long, are green and somewhat coarse in appearance and are produced on short stalks that emerge directly from the soil in which it is growing. There is a rare variegated form. Easy to care for in shaded conditions, but one should avoid getting the loam-based mixture sogging wet, and at no time should the leaves be cleaned with anything other than a sponge moistened in water. Propagate at almost any time by dividing older clumps and potting them in a rich loam-based mixture.

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