Astilbe – False Goat’s Beard

Fine hardy perennials, often mistakenly called spiraea, which is actually the name of a genus of shrubs (qv).


Astilbe can only be grown in damp or even wet soil. Shade is tolerated, but in marshy conditions it can also be placed in full sun.


Will grow in any humus-rich, well-manured, tho­roughly damp garden soil.


By division in spring. Use a sharp spade or a large knife.

Astilbe chinensis var pumila: Height 30 cm; rose-pink flowers from mid summer to mid autumn. Tolerates shade and much drier soil than other forms.

Astilbe hybrids: Height 50-100 cm; flowering season late spring to mid summer. There are actually two groups of hybrids, but in practice they are often confused. Flowers are white, rose pink, red, violet and purple.

Astilbe - False Goat's Beard

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