Closely related to the genus Haworthia, this genus was formerly known as Apicra. It includes about 12 species, and is a native of Cape Province. The plants are small and decorative, especially suitable for growing in the window-sill collection. They form leafy rosettes, stem-like and elongated. They require a compost consisting of 1 part loam, 1 part sharp sand, and 3 parts leaf-mould, the whole being well pressed around the roots. The growing season is from March to October, when they should receive water frequently.

Astroloba aspera. A small-growing species, with short leaves which are thick and covered on the outer and lower side with fine grey warts.

Astroloba pentagona. A very handsome species. The thick, fleshy green leaves are rigid, and pointed in shape. They are spirally arranged in five rows, one above the other around the stem, which is entirely hidden by them.

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