Beloperone guttata Shrimp Plant; 70CC/45°F; Mexico

A little gem of a plant that is forever in keen demand. Soft green leaves are produced on stiff, wiry stems that need no support until plants reach a height of some 45cm/18in. The flowering bracts are a rich shade of brown overlapping white and resemble shrimps-hence the common name. They appear almost continually throughout the year. Plants can be pruned to shape after flowering in early spring, and throughout the growing season they will require regular feeding. Potting on into a loam-based mixture with a little extra peat should not be neglected if larger plants are required. To produce larger plants it will also help if the bracts on young plants are removed for the first few months; the plant will then put all its energy into producing more lush foliage. Propagate from cuttings inserted in fresh peat in a propagator, and pot into gradually larger pots as plants fill their existing containers with roots.

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