Bergenia- Large-leaved Saxifrage

Unusual perennials with large, glossy evergreen leaves, sensitive to frost.


Near ponds or in other damp spots, in semi-shade. To keep the foliage in good condition it is advisable to give it a little cover in winter.


Damp garden soil with an adequate humus content.


By division in spring.

Bergenia cordofolia: Height 30-50 cm; flowers in mid to late spring, large, leathery leaves. ‘Alba’ has white flowers; ‘Evening Glow’ deep purple-red; ‘Morgenrote’, bright pink and ‘Silberlicht’ white streaked with pink. Bergenia crassifolia greatly resembles the previous species and is often confused with it.

Bergenia X schmidtii has violet-pink flowers from late winter onwards, and fringed foliage.

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