Best Plants For A Bedroom

There isn’t a tremendous amount of space in most modern bedrooms but room can usually be found for plants if you use tables, corners, windows and windowsills. Many bedrooms only have floor space for a fitted cupboard, a bed and a small bedside table. In this case consider a hanging arrangement either in a corner or in front of the window. Alternatively use a tall plant table or pedestal to display one large and decorative specimen.


The nearer the window your plants are the more likely they are to prosper. If you have no windowsill then a narrow table in front of the window can double as a dressing table or desk and hold a decorative group of plants.


If you live in an old house and are lucky enough to have a bedroom with a fireplace, this will make a perfect backdrop for a group of plants. Add a touch of colour with dried flowers or flowering plants to pick out the colour scheme.

BeBest Plants For A Bedroomdside tables

In winter garden flowers are in short supply and shop flowers are expensive, so use small flowering plants. They can add life and colour to a bedside table without taking up too much valuable space and you can change them with the seasons.


A simply decorated bedroom can gain from the use of one large, decorative plant placed where the sunlight will add flickering light to its spreading leaves. In a corner near to the window it is unlikely to be in the way.

Alternatively, create a group arranging plants at different heights.

Plants to choose

Whatever the size, shape or position of your bedroom, there are a number of plants suitable for various situations.

The list below is only a guide to positioning you plants. Thus a plant for the shady side of a south-facing room would be better chosen from the north-facing list of plants that are happier away from bright light.

North-facing room

South-facing room

West-facing room

  • Canary Island Ivy
  • Claw Cactus
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Emerald Fern
  • Eyelash Begonia
  • Golden Trumpet
  • Hyacinth
  • Japanese Aralia
  • Mother of Thousands

East-facing room

Use one of the following trailing or large decorative plants in a light corner.

Large decorative plants

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