Bilderdykia- Russian Vine

This fast-growing climbing shrub is usually referred to as Polyganum; its latest name is Fallopia.


These climbers are particularly valuable in new estates, since they will rapidly cover half a house, counter-acting the bare aspect of a newly established garden. Also suitable for covering fences. Flowers most profusely in full sun.


Will grow in practically any type of soil, but for rapid growth a certain degree~©f soil improvement is advisable.

Propagation Cuttings with a heel attached may be taken in summer. The plant can also be raised from seed, but rarely seeds itself.

Bilderdykia aubertu syn Fallopia aubertu: Climbs to 20 m; flowers profusely in late summer and early autumn, the white or slightly pink-tinged flowers growing in drooping plumes. Young stems are red.

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