Blood Root – Sanguinarea

More popularly named Blood Root for its tuberous roots exude a thick blood-like liquid when cut or damaged. This rather lovely plant enjoys almost full shade and a soil containing plenty of leaf mould. It may be planted on a rockery, under shrubs, or under woodland conditions when it will bear its large white anemone-like blooms throughout May.

Blood Root - Sanguinarea

Its pale green foliage offset by its pure waxy white blooms make a most attractive combination and growing well in a town garden this plant should be far more popular. Plant in October, placing the tuber-like roots about 2 in. deep. A handful of coarse sand should be placed round each root at planting-time and a peat mulch every October will be appreciated.


I know but a single species, Sanguinarea canadensis. It carries its blooms on 6-in. stems. There is also a rare double form which I have not yet grown, but which is said to be extremely beautiful.

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