BROWALLIA – Browallia domissa

An attractive, decorative pot plant with bright green, heart shaped leaves. It bears a profusion of dainty mauve flowers which will last over a long period if the plant is kept in cool conditions.


Flowering season 12-18 °C (53-65 °F)

Soil: A well-drained soil-less compost. Plant three to a pot.

Where to position: Keep in a cool light situation, but not in full sunlight.Browallia domissa

Watering requirements: Keep soil moist to thumb pressure. Mist-spray leaves only once weekly. Moderate humidity will be appreciated but is not essential.

Feeding and fertilizer: Flowering will continue over a longer period if the site is cool. Feed with well-diluted liquid fertilizer about once a week.

Rest and care: The plant should be regarded as `disposable’ once flowering is over, but cuttings will root easily under glass with a little bottom heat.

When it looks sick:

The flowers quickly fade : The plant needs a cooler spot.

The plant becomes lush and blooms sparsely : Reduce or stop feed depending upon the degree of lushness. Dull sticky-looking leaves : Check for parasite attack. The plants are not particularly prone but it can occur.

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