Buddleia- Butterfly Bush

Fine summer-flowering shrubs, very attractive to bees and butterflies. They have the disadvantage of being very sensitive to frost, and in severe winters many of the branches and sometimes the entire shrub will freeze to death. For that reason most Buddleia bushes are cut down to about 30 cm in early to mid spring; in this way the shrub will at the same time retain its compact shape and will flower more profusely. Late night-frosts may still affect young shoots and it is therefore advisable to protect the more delicate varieties with bracken or straw.


Suitable as a specimen shrub, preferably not planted in the lawn, but rather among lower-growing plants. Because of its colouring and profuse flowering it also shows to good advantage in mixed borders. The numerous butterflies which are lured by the scent of the flowers, give it an added attraction.


The buddleia will grow even in quite dry soil, for instance in raised beds. As the shrub is required to start into renewed growth every year it is, however, advisable to

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