Bulbous Plants For Dried Arrangements

Many bulbous plants, especially the smaller species, provide the dried material collector with invaluable and most attractive seed-heads. Among them are Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) in variety – such as M. tubergenianum, M. botryoides, M. azureum, and M. armeniacum; Tulipa species; Fritillaria (Fritillary); Scilla campanulata (Spanish Bluebell); Eranthis (Winter Aconite); Galtonia candicans (Giant Summer Hyacinth); many lilies such as Lilium auratum and L. regale, the Bellingham hybrids, and some of the smaller species; and a number of Alliums – in particular the yellow A. Moly, whose flower dries splendidly if laid lightly in a flat open box and turned periodically to maintain its shape. A. albopilosum and A. eatunense are also useful if the globular flower-heads are dissected for small arrangements. A. nigrum has a decorative seed-head. A. pulchellum is an attractive reddish-violet. A. oreophilum Ostrowskianum is a beautiful pink and dries well. Almost all these genera are described in more detail in the Florilegium. Ornithogalum thyrsoides (Chincherinchee) produces a white flower-head which dries well in preserving crystals and is most useful.

Bulbous Plants For Dried Arrangments

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