Scale Insects are tiny creatures with a protective shell-like covering. They fasten themselves to stems, branches and leaves, where they extract the juices. In advanced stages they completely cover the stems and leaves; in such cases the plant should be placed on its side, and the scales brushed off with a stiff tooth-brush or similar brush, or an oil emulsion spray is effective in smothering them.

Thrips are quick-moving brown or black insects which look like animated grains of pepper. They rasp the tissues of plants and can do considerable damage. An insecticide containing nicotine will control them.

Red Spiders thrive under hot and dry conditions md multiply very rapidly. They are very small yellowish to reddish insects and can cause much iamage to plants. Spraying the plants frequently with water will discourage these pests. In a green-louse, the most effective way to destroy them is by fumigation. For this purpose azobenzene cones are o be recommended. Dusting with derris dust is also effective. This should be applied three times at ntervals of three days.

Root Mealy Bugs attack the roots of plants. The pests are plainly visible as white patches adhering o the roots, and on the inside of the pot. They are ffectively dealt with by immersing the potted plant I warm water containing a strong nicotine solution ane teaspoonful of pure nicotine to a quart of ater) and allowing it to remain there for twenty or thirty minutes, or by removing the plant from the root, shaking the soil off the roots and dipping it in lethylated spirits to which has been added pure two large rubber bands, placing them gently ove the top of the scion, and running them underneatl the flower-pot. String can also be used, but first fil< four small grooves on the rim and bottom of thi flower-pot to prevent the string from slipping.

Succulent plants grown in the home and greenhouse are liable to attacks from a few common garden pests, chiefly aphids, mealy bugs, scale insects, thrips, red spiders, and root mealy bugs.

Aphids are either black, green or yellow, soft-bodied insects. A nicotine spray or any of the recommended insecticides obtainable from seedsmen will easily control them.

Mealy Bugs are recognized because they cover themselves with a white cotton substance. They should never be allowed a foothold on plants, for they breed and spread rapidly. A petroleum emulsion is effective, or methylated spirits with 2h per cent nicotine added (20 drops of nicotine to an ounce of spirit), and applied with a camel-hair brush, will quickly destroy them.

Nicotine (one teaspoonful of nicotine to a quart of spirits). Most of the attacks are spread by ants.

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