Caladium-Bicolor – hybr. (syn. C.x hortulanum)

This is a hybrid developed by crossing several species (C. bicolor, C. picturatum and C. schonburgkii). The leaves of cal-adiums are among the loveliest in the whole plant kingdom. A disadvantage is that the plants have a distinct period of rest from autumn until spring. During this time the leaves drop and the plants die back.

The plant is quite demanding in terms of heat and humidity. The optimum temperature is 25°-30°C (77°-86°F) and it should not drop below 20°C (68° F). The atmosphere should be so humid that water condenses on the leaves. In winter, when the plant is resting, the tubers should be left in the compost without watering or else stored in a dry place. In early March they should then be put in a mixture of frame soil, peat and sand, moved to a warm place and watered liberally.

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